CEO of Ming Kee Metal Parts Limited is honored to be Vice Chairman of FITMI 2013-2015

FITMI (Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries) As a bridge between industries and government agencies, domestic and overseas organisations, this Federation endeavours to facilitate their communication and contact and reflect and provide opinions of relevant industries. Moreover, it keeps close contact with industrial sectors of Hong Kong and assists the government in establishing correct industrial policies. It undertakes to pool industry resources, seek government support, assist industries in market and technology development and help them grow in quality and value on their way toward higher industry position in Hong Kong and worldwide.  In recent years, it has hosted many international conferences such as “International Conference on Industrial Application of Nanotechnology and Advanced Composite Materials”, and has invited the world’s top scientists to give speeches, share their research findings with Hong Kong industries and help them develop applications of new technologies; it aims at leveraging scientific development, technology applications and basic education and training to make the local industries and education circles better understand nano and improve product performance, develop innovative products, promote local nanotechnology education and enhance competitiveness. It is the only interdisciplinary and trans-industry international conference on nano and material applications held in Hong Kong. This Federation has also sponsored “Good Operation Management of Moulds and Information Technology Plan” to impart mould professionals with more knowledge about applications of advanced technologies including laser technology.