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Ming Kee Metal Parts Limited was already established in 1977. We have a head office in Hong Kong and a factory in China for treating with our respected customers all over the world. Because of the continuous improvements in previous 30 years, the manufacturing process and equipment are becoming well-performanced; and, the quality of product is also rising gradually. So, the cooperation between manufacturing department and marketing department is becoming better and better.

Ming Kee Metal Parts Limited is an experienced exporter and manufacturer who producing a luxury metal with superior Zinc Alloy and other Metals (Example: Aluminum, Brass, Iron, Stainless Steel and Lost Wax). If you want, our product can be made in Nickel-free and Lead-free for some skin-touched accessories, such as handbag metal accessories and personal accessories.

The metals are suitable for assembling bag, handbag, shoes, belt, garment, wallet and other ways, such as a bag’s lock and buckle, belt buckle, shoe-accessories, keychains, Fancy brand logo and other accessories.

To cater to the taste of you, we welcome to receive the logo and product design from you. And we must give you our professional opinion to improve your design for achieving the best performance with efficiency.

To enhance our image and culture in company, we have set up our Vision and Missions.

For our Vision, we want to be “the top manufacturer of superior metal accessory who can cooperate with all the clients around the world”.

For our Company-Mission, we are willing to achieve “Maintaining a well and respected relationship between Clients, Staff and Us”.

For our Client-Mission, we are willing to achieve “Zero distance communication & Completing the request from clients reasonably “.

For our Staff-Mission, we are willing to achieve “Providing a comfortable working environment & Advocating Team Spirit”.

At last, we are glad and sincere to build a business relationship and partnership with all of you.

We Hope to be YOUR METAL ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURER”cooperate with you and innovate frontier with you in the future.

Ming Kee – The main Production Structure